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  1. Don't really play borderlands but if I was a game collector which I am not I would totally buy this game Look at that Price Rate £181.98 - £4.82 = 94% off buy that thing . and gift to multiple accs then sell it be a smartie :)))
  2. seems like a good deal but not really into that kind of a game. +1 For Showcasing this Game for a very good price :)
  3. looks amazing why isn't it on your desk?
  4. Mattias Leijon


    +1 Mr Donatello Turtle / wanna go for a slice?
  5. 1. RAP ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Jazz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. HipHop ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Grime What one is best Vote Down BELOW |1|2|3|4
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