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  1. So for two days, I have played this Altis life server, the other members of the Gang. a little longer, but with our Gang pretty much being the only players populating the server apart from a few cops and a medic or two, I can safely say that we were the people boosting the server above 5 people. And I was happy to stay on a 'dead' server helping it progress. But after several encounters with the police force and admins (I can safely say) that we are jumping a half built ship here, due to not wanting to waste our time with a doomed server, that allows blatant rule breaking and an abusive admin team, that also have no regard for the rules they're meant to be upholding. Good Luck with this, PEACE OUT! Here are a couple of videos for people to mull other. Video one; A Police Officer not valuing his life, pretty sure hes an admin and he was breaking Roleplay while incapacitated Video Two; An 'Admin' using perfect Roleplay and initiation tactics, with a sprinkle of player markers.
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