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  1. This was our first verbal interaction with the police to my recollection of the situation. They had previously fired at our vehicles and hit some of us but that was it. Either way, if he is surrounded by 6 guys with guns at the end of a gunfight he should still value his life, this has been the way in all previous communities I've been in. This is also from the point of view, the cops have logged onto an RP server so they clearly want to roleplay. Well as a gang we do Oil as it is the best money maker when factoring time as well. So they can't do anything to us during runs because our weapons are in our bags or trucks and we're at legal locations so there's no probable cause to search us or our trucks. So what are they going to do? nothing but follow us which isn't fun. So we try and take a hostage for a fun situation with them, but none of them value their lives. There is a further situation with officer Semi Banana where he has me behind him and JT in front the other side of a van and Semi has his taser out. He is told put your hands up or we will shoot you multiple times. I put rounds into the SUV tyre a couple of metres away so they're not close to him but he knows I'm there so he should comply, and yet he tries to pull out his gun on his back and spray the van. How is that valuing your life either? Due to this the admins log off as cops, come on as civ and instantly come to the the area we are with bugger guns and heavier armour (so clearly meta gamed us) and then unlike us there's 2 of them and 6 of us so we don't have to comply but they just want to kill us now. So they just run up initiate and then shoot, which isn't the RP you expect from an Admin team. Especially against the only active civ's on the server who have only melted your cop force because they don't value their lives in the first place, so you then log on as civ's and to to us to do poor rp and kill us and then troll us at rebel outpost. Sidenote the admins also break RP when dead by screaming RDm and fail RP so gg well played.
  2. Case - Aerocool P7C1 CPU - i7 8700 Motherboard - Asus TUF Z370-Plus Gaming RAM - 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz (2 Sticks, gotta get that dual channel going) GPU - ASUS GTX1070Ti Cerbarus Advanced SSD- 1Tb Samsung 960 EVO SSD/ 500Gb Samsung 960 EVO SSD COOLER - bequite! Black Rock 4 MOUSE - Razer Deathadder Chroma KEYBOARD - some cheap shit, MOUSE PAD - fat cooler master one Mic - cheap condenser Headphones - Astro A40 + Mix amp 7.1 Monitors - Main - AOC 32" 75Hz 1440p IPS widescreen/ Second - BenQ 22.5" 60Hz 1080p Tn Widescreen
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