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  1. Thanks I'll let you know at some point if I need something.
  2. The NATO application isn't live on the website currently, if I catch you on the TS sometime I'll drop you a message.
  3. Hello epic gamers, NATO is currently recruiting and in need of some command members, we are looking for two Captains and a Major to help run things, if your not interested in a command position we are still offering positions lower down in our ranks. Remember kids only epic gamers respawn so place down those beds away from monsters and enlist today!
  4. Brandon


    I already have the game but if anyone wants play it together message me
  5. Brandon

    Me & Anonypocs

    Yes man insane art might as well burn the Mona Lisa we have a replacement xxxFD hahahha skrrr
  6. haha funny joke my dude we should meet up for the joke making yes?
  7. Brandon


    -1 Dead comment
  8. Why you beggin for, you aint on shit with your carts mad lad
  9. Actually a decent tune for once
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