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  1. Hello Citizens of Takistan I am here to present to you the states first Airline. TakAir offers one of the most straight forward and cheap flights for the Area. We offer our services to give transport to you and the people of Takistan. Our Flights Planes Price Rasman - Loy Manara Antonov An-2 £100/person or ₪425.04 (Israeli new Shekel) Rasman - Takmyr(Hub) Dornier 328 Jet £20.69/P or ₪87.94 (Israeli new Shekel) Takmyr(Hub) - Novigrad Dornier 328 Jet £100/P or ₪425.04 (Israeli new Shekel) Takmyr(Hub) - Ashgabat Dornier 328 Jet £145/P or ₪616.31 (Israeli new Shekel) We are glad to pronounce our partnership and allegiance with Turkmenistan Airways and will have discounted prices if flying from Takmyr then to Ashgabat and then flying around Europe or Asia. An example is flying from Takmyr to Ashgabat then to Birmingham will grant a 25% discount Please understand this does not apply when flying from Birmingham then to the rest for more information please visit https://www.flyturkmenistanairlines.eu/
  2. Sorry that’s not going to happen
  3. title says all im willing to give you some pokemon cards for you to come round like maybe every tuesday or wednesday something like that -BossNass p.s. this is my card i willing to give away it probably my best but...
  4. For anyone wishing to see the S&R handbook. you can find it here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_aVriPjWCI4h613C5RcOoXq7QebyAnEGVcNiHxeHsQo/edit?usp=sharing
  5. If you wish to look through the handbook, This can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1puCRJ-fV8O2wTjMRGNx4k1asEstAsZSYT2sOG779LXY/edit?usp=sharing Any questions please come to me
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