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  1. Alright guys, We are changing from altis life over to Taki life. 🙂 Just to let the psi viewers know 🙂 

    1. AdmiringBear


      I hope we will have some good roleplay and etc. On the new takistan life server.

  2. The Altis Life server has been locked pending Beta release. 


  3. burn GIF

    1. Brandon


      mad ting yea g


    2. Dylan



  4. Gang Packages are now available! 

    Have a look at the donation page for more information. 


  5. Big things coming this week? 

    Who knows :) 

    1. Jamie Harrison

      Jamie Harrison

      can't wait maybe ;)

  6. ppfffff You miss Dylan

    1. Brandon


      @Dylan Imagine network admin not being able to do status updates but this guy can :35_thinking:

  7. As you all know, Rumble has been in its early Alpha stage for quite some time now.

    I want to get all your answers to what we could be doing better to improve Rumble. Here is a form to submit your responses. https://forms.gle/8NjXPGqmQzVKMuJCA

    Please do tell us what we can do to improve rumble. There is going to be a Rumble Board meeting today at 8pm where we will go over every issue. Thank you

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