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  1. Hyped for Takistan Life.

  2. That will be in 2 days when I'm back from holiday. Thank you for the response.
  3. How can I help my friend . How do I apply for NATO?🙂
  4. ● CPU ► i5-8600K oc :D● RAM ► 16GB DDR4 rgb ● GPU ► Geforce GTX 1070ti advanced (oc)● Headset ► logitech g933● Mouse ► g502● Mousepad ► xxl rgb mousepad steelseries● Keyboard ► corsair k70
  5. jord smells

    1. Jord


      I smell good thanks

  6. Let we say an AUDI is good enough for me😉
  7. Hello my name is Ninja and i am a Red bull junkie just like @Jord

    1. Jord


      I am not a Red bull junkie, I'm a big fan of Red Bull racing tho

    2. AdmiringBear


      @Jord and where is your stolen Red Bull 😉

  8. AdmiringBear


    -1 sky is bad because you always follow @Dylan
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