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  1. 2 cards and we have a deal.
  2. 😉👌



  3. Jord

    Forums Changelog

    Updated forums to 4.4.4 Added support for native cross-device emojis 😉
  4. Jord

    It's time to move on.

    Didn't know you that well but you seemed like a sound guy. Hope to see you back some day.
  5. https://altis.tools/ i know it looks shit

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Brandon


      Good idea bossman

    3. John Wolf

      John Wolf

      I see it only has the trucks on there, and also its abit less payout on that sheet than you are getting. Around 20-30k less. But still, its a good starting point 🙂 Hope we could get more runs both on the server both short and longer, illegal and legals. 


      - Wolf

    4. Jord


      @John Wolf the prices being wrong is because right now on the server everything sells for 50% more. Im almost done adding a feature on the website so it also accounts for that when it's enabled so it will show correctly.

      We will also be adding more runs, trucks and helicopters soon 

  6. @John Wolf you're a legend

    1. J.Ghost



  7. Update tommorow?

  8. Will be going through all suggestions and bug reports in a bit.

  9. All changes made to the Takistan server will be posted here.
  10. Won't be on much, shit's happened and I need some time for myself. I'll see you all @ release

    1. Frato
    2. AdmiringBear


      Ha needs to get drunk


  11. Jord


    i fucking love sadboyproflific haha depression kill me
  12. Jord

    Forums Changelog

    Search function got lost somewhere... Added the quicksearch function back in the navbar.
  13. Issue with custom profile field not displaying correctly has been fixed.

  14. https://rumblegaming.co.uk/donating/ Early Investor is now avaiable again for only a limited time.

  15. Might re-open early investor as we are launching again. Good idea or nah?

    1. Aiton


      Yes. Good Idea.

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