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    Hyped for Takistan Life.
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    Thanks I'll let you know at some point if I need something.
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    That will be in 2 days when I'm back from holiday. Thank you for the response.
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    Alright guys, We are changing from altis life over to Taki life. 🙂 Just to let the psi viewers know 🙂
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    Hello everyone! This is the official announcement of the release of the new Takistan Life Role play server. The server release date is not available yet but we are reaching the goal of releasing There is going to be 3 factions in Takistan. This will conclude of, Takistan Military Police, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, (NATO) and Takistani Health Service. We are currently looking for staff for the new server. Hopefully we will see some applications for staff. You can find the link below here https://rumblegaming.co.uk/forms/7-support-application/ It would be great if you could apply as we are short of staff right now. Aiton.
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