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  3. https://discordapp.com/channels/570747471894937601/570756619613241405
  4. No sorry our server are shutting down due to issues to ownership.
  5. Hi. I know i havent been active here since.. summertime ? and i heard about the change to takistan. How is that going ? Or is the staff taking a break from it all ?
  6. I'm a very cool dude 🙂

    1. Aiton


      cock and balls?


  8. hmu brando dando and ill do it smh
  9. Hello Citizens of Takistan I am here to present to you the states first Airline. TakAir offers one of the most straight forward and cheap flights for the Area. We offer our services to give transport to you and the people of Takistan. Our Flights Planes Price Rasman - Loy Manara Antonov An-2 £100/person or ₪425.04 (Israeli new Shekel) Rasman - Takmyr(Hub) Dornier 328 Jet £20.69/P or ₪87.94 (Israeli new Shekel) Takmyr(Hub) - Novigrad Dornier 328 Jet £100/P or ₪425.04 (Israeli new Shekel) Takmyr(Hub) - Ashgabat Dornier 328 Jet £145/P or ₪616.31 (Israeli new Shekel) We are glad to pronounce our partnership and allegiance with Turkmenistan Airways and will have discounted prices if flying from Takmyr then to Ashgabat and then flying around Europe or Asia. An example is flying from Takmyr to Ashgabat then to Birmingham will grant a 25% discount Please understand this does not apply when flying from Birmingham then to the rest for more information please visit https://www.flyturkmenistanairlines.eu/
  10. Sorry that’s not going to happen
  11. 2 cards and we have a deal.
  12. title says all im willing to give you some pokemon cards for you to come round like maybe every tuesday or wednesday something like that -BossNass p.s. this is my card i willing to give away it probably my best but...
  13. Hyped for Takistan Life.

  14. Thanks I'll let you know at some point if I need something.
  15. That will be in 2 days when I'm back from holiday. Thank you for the response.
  16. The NATO application isn't live on the website currently, if I catch you on the TS sometime I'll drop you a message.
  17. Happy to help hit me up on ts if you wanna chat or need anything
  18. How can I help my friend . How do I apply for NATO?🙂
  19. Hello epic gamers, NATO is currently recruiting and in need of some command members, we are looking for two Captains and a Major to help run things, if your not interested in a command position we are still offering positions lower down in our ranks. Remember kids only epic gamers respawn so place down those beds away from monsters and enlist today!
  20. Alright guys, We are changing from altis life over to Taki life. 🙂 Just to let the psi viewers know 🙂 

    1. AdmiringBear


      I hope we will have some good roleplay and etc. On the new takistan life server.

  21. Hello everyone! This is the official announcement of the release of the new Takistan Life Role play server. The server release date is not available yet but we are reaching the goal of releasing There is going to be 3 factions in Takistan. This will conclude of, Takistan Military Police, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, (NATO) and Takistani Health Service. We are currently looking for staff for the new server. Hopefully we will see some applications for staff. You can find the link below here https://rumblegaming.co.uk/forms/7-support-application/ It would be great if you could apply as we are short of staff right now. Aiton.
  22. The Altis Life server has been locked pending Beta release. 


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