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  2. hmu brando dando and ill do it smh
  3. Hello Citizens of Takistan I am here to present to you the states first Airline. TakAir offers one of the most straight forward and cheap flights for the Area. We offer our services to give transport to you and the people of Takistan. Our Flights Planes Price Rasman - Loy Manara Antonov An-2 £100/person or ₪425.04 (Israeli new Shekel) Rasman - Takmyr(Hub) Dornier 328 Jet £20.69/P or ₪87.94 (Israeli new Shekel) Takmyr(Hub) - Novigrad Dornier 328 Jet £100/P or ₪425.04 (Israeli new Shekel) Takmyr(Hub) - Ashgabat Dornier 328 Jet £145/P or ₪616.31 (Israeli new Shekel) We are glad to pronounce our partnership and allegiance with Turkmenistan Airways and will have discounted prices if flying from Takmyr then to Ashgabat and then flying around Europe or Asia. An example is flying from Takmyr to Ashgabat then to Birmingham will grant a 25% discount Please understand this does not apply when flying from Birmingham then to the rest for more information please visit https://www.flyturkmenistanairlines.eu/
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  5. Sorry that’s not going to happen
  6. 2 cards and we have a deal.
  7. title says all im willing to give you some pokemon cards for you to come round like maybe every tuesday or wednesday something like that -BossNass p.s. this is my card i willing to give away it probably my best but...
  8. Hyped for Takistan Life.

  9. Thanks I'll let you know at some point if I need something.
  10. That will be in 2 days when I'm back from holiday. Thank you for the response.
  11. The NATO application isn't live on the website currently, if I catch you on the TS sometime I'll drop you a message.
  12. Happy to help hit me up on ts if you wanna chat or need anything
  13. How can I help my friend . How do I apply for NATO?🙂
  14. Hello epic gamers, NATO is currently recruiting and in need of some command members, we are looking for two Captains and a Major to help run things, if your not interested in a command position we are still offering positions lower down in our ranks. Remember kids only epic gamers respawn so place down those beds away from monsters and enlist today!
  15. Alright guys, We are changing from altis life over to Taki life. 🙂 Just to let the psi viewers know 🙂 

    1. AdmiringBear


      I hope we will have some good roleplay and etc. On the new takistan life server.

  16. Hello everyone! This is the official announcement of the release of the new Takistan Life Role play server. The server release date is not available yet but we are reaching the goal of releasing There is going to be 3 factions in Takistan. This will conclude of, Takistan Military Police, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, (NATO) and Takistani Health Service. We are currently looking for staff for the new server. Hopefully we will see some applications for staff. You can find the link below here https://rumblegaming.co.uk/forms/7-support-application/ It would be great if you could apply as we are short of staff right now. Aiton.
  17. The Altis Life server has been locked pending Beta release. 


  18. Possibly let the person who is downed know how many medics there are online and how far away they are?
  19. This was our first verbal interaction with the police to my recollection of the situation. They had previously fired at our vehicles and hit some of us but that was it. Either way, if he is surrounded by 6 guys with guns at the end of a gunfight he should still value his life, this has been the way in all previous communities I've been in. This is also from the point of view, the cops have logged onto an RP server so they clearly want to roleplay. Well as a gang we do Oil as it is the best money maker when factoring time as well. So they can't do anything to us during runs because our weapons are in our bags or trucks and we're at legal locations so there's no probable cause to search us or our trucks. So what are they going to do? nothing but follow us which isn't fun. So we try and take a hostage for a fun situation with them, but none of them value their lives. There is a further situation with officer Semi Banana where he has me behind him and JT in front the other side of a van and Semi has his taser out. He is told put your hands up or we will shoot you multiple times. I put rounds into the SUV tyre a couple of metres away so they're not close to him but he knows I'm there so he should comply, and yet he tries to pull out his gun on his back and spray the van. How is that valuing your life either? Due to this the admins log off as cops, come on as civ and instantly come to the the area we are with bugger guns and heavier armour (so clearly meta gamed us) and then unlike us there's 2 of them and 6 of us so we don't have to comply but they just want to kill us now. So they just run up initiate and then shoot, which isn't the RP you expect from an Admin team. Especially against the only active civ's on the server who have only melted your cop force because they don't value their lives in the first place, so you then log on as civ's and to to us to do poor rp and kill us and then troll us at rebel outpost. Sidenote the admins also break RP when dead by screaming RDm and fail RP so gg well played.
  20. Case - Aerocool P7C1 CPU - i7 8700 Motherboard - Asus TUF Z370-Plus Gaming RAM - 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz (2 Sticks, gotta get that dual channel going) GPU - ASUS GTX1070Ti Cerbarus Advanced SSD- 1Tb Samsung 960 EVO SSD/ 500Gb Samsung 960 EVO SSD COOLER - bequite! Black Rock 4 MOUSE - Razer Deathadder Chroma KEYBOARD - some cheap shit, MOUSE PAD - fat cooler master one Mic - cheap condenser Headphones - Astro A40 + Mix amp 7.1 Monitors - Main - AOC 32" 75Hz 1440p IPS widescreen/ Second - BenQ 22.5" 60Hz 1080p Tn Widescreen
  21. I see where you are coming from but I think everyone needs time to grow and realise things, also I believe in the first video you initiated twice, one time shooting at him and another while your friend was shouting don't move or you will be shot, this is invalid initiation as you've done it twice for his need to "value his life" was objectified by past initiation.
  22. So for two days, I have played this Altis life server, the other members of the Gang. a little longer, but with our Gang pretty much being the only players populating the server apart from a few cops and a medic or two, I can safely say that we were the people boosting the server above 5 people. And I was happy to stay on a 'dead' server helping it progress. But after several encounters with the police force and admins (I can safely say) that we are jumping a half built ship here, due to not wanting to waste our time with a doomed server, that allows blatant rule breaking and an abusive admin team, that also have no regard for the rules they're meant to be upholding. Good Luck with this, PEACE OUT! Here are a couple of videos for people to mull other. Video one; A Police Officer not valuing his life, pretty sure hes an admin and he was breaking Roleplay while incapacitated Video Two; An 'Admin' using perfect Roleplay and initiation tactics, with a sprinkle of player markers.
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